I’m unconventional, uncouth,
And mostly undesirable,
Understated, unimportant,
Underrated and unconscious more than self conscious,
I’m a u-boat stranded underwater,
Undercover, undecided,
Underneath, I’m unbelievable,
Though not unusually under the influence,
The undercurrent understands me,
Uniforms unerringly don’t.
Unwise and blind, untold perils await,
Unravelling time, what life will unfold,
I’m under fed, under read,
And subsequently under nourished,
Under siege from myself,
And often under whelmed by others.
Unaware, unashamed,
And unequivocally under funded,
I’m under the impression the sun set will unset,
And undo desire for untold humanity,
I’m unlearning unacceptable unicode doctrine,
I’m undoing, untying,

And I’m embracing the underdog
Unmarked the right paths, unanswered the right questions,

Jason Chandler 2006