S is for Science

yes, all hail the scientists, the magicians with their white robes and observational recording methods and statistical analysis techniques. throwing out wild theories like people throw out food packaging or misbehavers. writing applications for state sponsorship, so firm is the Belief. yeah, you gotta hand it to those cats and their quest for Konwledge, their desire to peek through the cracks between the worlds, navigating the rocky terrains of uncertainty like arctic explorers with nothing but a beard and leather elbow patches to shield them from the elements. They are the ones jumping across the stepping stones of Truth in a river of uncertainty, they are the definers of reality, the boundary setters, the boundary breakers, the methodical and the maverick, the self-testers, the informers, happily keeping a rap-sheet of every error they have made along the Path. They are the creators of futures and the understanders of pasts, also the speculators of the present. They are the map readers, the navigator in the passenger seat on a B-road night route when the motorway is closed for maintenence, the cartographers charting the hills of discovery on graph paper with a chewed pencil and a line of best fit. Yeah, you got to hand it to those guys, they know their shit, and what they don't know they endeavour to find out by means of lens, laser, flame, UV, magnets, iodine, solvents, specific heat capacities, unknown constants, controlled variables, incrementation, meticulousness, randomness, sublimation, separation, inverting, splitting, dissecting, dosing, distilling, pressurising, oxidising, theorising. They are the tailors of Knowledge, creating patterns from chaos, knocking out impeccable suits of numbers in the most correct proportions and shining the shoes of enlightenment with brushes of insight. they are the standup comics distilling everday observations into the perfectly conceived idea. They are the unravellers of the loose thread, the climbers of stairs unclimbed, the canaries in the coalmine, the partidges in the pear trees, the cats that invented the cream, the fools on the hill...

yeah, those folks are groovy.


excerpt from an email, Nov 2008.