Love Of Music 

DJing is easy. The technicalities involved are very simple. Once you have learnt to operate a mixer and synch records to the same tempo, you are able to 'mix' records into a continuous groove. However, like anything, with deep understanding and precise refinement, it becomes an artform. The most important attribute necessary to be a good DJ is LOVE OF MUSIC. Just as to love a person you must understand them, so it is with music. Those who have a passion for it pay such attention to it so as to develop a deep understanding of how it is constructed, how it moves and what it is saying. This develops into an instinct for matching records together on a deeper level than that achievable with technical ability alone. Just as some jazz combos can be technically superb but boring, soul-less, rigid and formulaic in sound, so it is with the technically competent DJ with little or no understanding of music. The DJ with an understanding and love of music but little technical skill could arrange a better set than one with technical skills but no musical understanding. Granted, the mixing of a skilled DJ may be more on the beat than that of a passionate one, and though there is little more irritating in a DJ than a habit of dropping mistimed galloping clangers, there are plenty of other ways to mix without beatmatching. Those who have the love, understanding and skill take it to a whole other level. They bring music together in a way which flows and raises it beyond the sum of its parts into an elevated whole which passes on sheer joy and positive energy to all who wish to receive it. Music and love are beautiful things and should be shared by all. Peace.